Special Studies 98/198 Courses

About Special Studies 98/198 Group Study Courses

Student-facilitated 98 and 198 courses can be an important component of the undergraduate educational experience. They provide a valuable opportunity for undergraduate students to engage with faculty and to take the initiative in the design and facilitation of academically sound courses under faculty supervision.

This information is primarily intended to assist department chairs and faculty members who are considering approval of student-facilitated courses, as well as to provide information to students planning to facilitate a course under faculty sponsorship and to students planning to enroll in such courses.

These procedures apply only to Special Studies courses numbered 98 and 198 that are facilitated by undergraduate students. These procedures do not apply to Special Studies courses numbered 97, 197, 99, 199 or to any Special Studies courses facilitated by graduate students or to 98 or 198 courses designed and taught by faculty members.

Questions regarding this website may be directed to Elizabeth Keithley, Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training and Resources, Student Learning Center, 123 Cesar Chavez Center, MC 4260, UC Berkeley, CA 94720-4260, at (510) 643-6090, or by email at keithley@berkeley.edu.

1. Definition of a Special Studies Course

2. Process for Approval of Student-Facilitated 98 and 198 Courses

3. Resources for Students

4. Resources for Faculty & Departments

5.  Starting spring 2018, COCI will require an Instructor Support Letter. The instructions for the letter are posted here 

6. Special Studies Working Group