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Drive the Discussion: Discovery Experiences

The Vice Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council on Undergraduate Education (SACUE) provides a unique opportunity to engage with the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education and other senior staff on matters concerning Discovery, a proposed campus-wide initiative to provide the pathways and support necessary for all undergraduates to have the opportunity to engage in “discovery experiences”. Discovery experiences are broadly defined as immersive and experiential learning that can be found in research, creative, entrepreneurial or community-engaged efforts. While Berkeley undergraduates can steer their own Discovery, all discovery experiences will be united by the creative drive, scholarship and curiosity that characterizes the exceptional nature of our students.


SACUE members are a valuable resources for campus leadership, who will rely on Council voices to champion the student perspective in decision-making surrounding Discovery. Over the course of the 2018-19 academic year, SACUE members will provide direct input into the formulation of Discovery by engaging in team-based working groups to explore various elements of Discovery.


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Welcome from our former Student President

Hi! I’m Hannah, the President of SACUE during the 2017-2018 academic year. 

As an advocate for engagement and open dialogue, it felt only natural to join SACUE's executive leadership team. The SACUE team collectively represents students from all backgrounds and majors, but we all share the same enthusiasm for taking initiative and positively impacting our Berkeley community. Together, the SACUE board members and I function as campus ambassadors, collaboratively engaging with a wide range of UC Berkeley staff leadership.

With a campus so large and with so many opportunities, I feel that I have found my home at SACUE: my voice is heard by both my peers and Berkeley staff, and in turn, I have the opportunity to facilitate a confidential space for others to do the same.