Student Advisory Council on Undergraduate Education

The Student Advisory Council on Undergraduate Education (SACUE) shapes the student experience at UC Berkeley by providing critical feedback to campus leaders on undergraduate initiatives and programs.

Convened by Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education Catherine Koshland, SACUE meets throughout the academic year to engage with campus decision-makers on issues that affect all undergraduates. By participating in SACUE, students have the opportunity to work closely with key stakeholders, build networks, and provide feedback on critical campus projects. For more information or questions about SACUE, email sends e-mail).




Welcome from the Chair

Hi UC Berkeley! My name is Yuyang Zhong, I am a senior studying Psychology and Data Science, and I have the honor and pleasure of returning for my third and final year as your Chair for the Student Advisory Council on Undergraduate Education (SACUE).

The experience of our undergraduate education is critical to our growth and success as students at Cal, and that was the reason why students like myself have chosen to get involved with SACUE and engage with campus projects and initiatives. SACUE members represent a wide collection of students across all majors and interests; each and every one of us brings something unique and special to the table for the betterment of our Berkeley undergraduate experience. We are the pilots and guides for campus initiatives, providing opportunities and platforms to engage with senior campus leaders.

SACUE has been a rewarding experience for all of us, especially so after seeing our work on initiatives like Major Maps, Discovery Tools, and CalCentral Enrollment make such tremendous impacts on students. It is such gratification that motivates us to continue to engage, as well as to invite you to join us this year to work on a wider range of projects and ideas. 

This year, with the continuous surge of COVID-19, we need your participation more than ever. Your voice through SACUE will help inform campus leaders with ideas and innovations to keep students equipped, engaged and motivated. Your involvement, may it be from your home away or right here back in campus residences, remains critical for improving the undergraduate experience during this time of resilience and perseverance. Our community is better served with your voices heard!

We hope to see you around this year!


Yuyang Zhong

Council Leadership

Catherine P. Koshland, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education

Yuyang Zhong, Chair for SACUE

Monica Garcia, Manager for SACUE

Ai Setoyama, SACUE Liaison