Back to School - Professional Development Opportunities for Staff

From: Jo Mackness, Interim AVC-HR
To: UC Berkeley Staff
Subject: Back to School - Professional Development Opportunities for Staff
Date: September 4, 2018

Sept. 4, 2018

Dear Colleagues,

With local schools back in session and our UC Berkeley Fall semester now well underway, it seems like everyone has the chance to learn something new in the coming months - including you, our terrific Berkeley staff! Here are just a few of the many opportunities for you to plug in intellectually beyond your day jobs, and learn, grow and contribute to your career:

  1. Professional Development Goal: To reflect the importance of professional development for all staff, at least one of your performance goals for FY19 must be focused on professional development. As a reminder, professional development goals can include anything from committing to network with people in different departments, to taking a training/course, to employing a different approach to work. And be sure you and your manager hold yourself to this professional development goal as you do all other goals!

  1. Free Courses: Don’t forget you have free resources to help you with these goals, such as lynda.comUC Learning Center and University Extension (UNEX). has thousands of online training classes available 24/7, while our partnership with UNEX gives all staff one free course a year. Popular UNEX classes include project management certification and business writing, while has everything from graphic design to foundations of teamwork. Your UC Berkeley L&D team also has hundreds of courses available to you at no cost, right here on campus. Want to work smarter, not harder? Check out our Technology and Systems Training

  2. Career Development Workshops: Making and acting on plansfor your career development involves specific skills as well as perspective on your goals and strengths. Sign-up for our Fall classes here!

  3. Communities of Practice & Staff Organizations: Be sure to check out our Staff Orgs website to find like-minded communities of practice and affinity groups made up entirely from our Cal staff.

  4. New Programs and Returning Initiatives: Our Leadership & Career Enhancement Program (LCEP) for Staff of Color has a new cohort beginning this Fall, and the UC Women’s Initiative is also currently seeking nominations for its 2018/19 sessions. Put your career in high gear with these targeted opportunities.

  5. Being Well in the Workplace: Wellness is also a critical piece of developing yourself, and our friends at University Health Services and Rec Sports are here to support. Consider joining Workfit or a walking groupKnowing Your Numbers, and signing up for Wellness Challenges. The Fall Workshops and Resources flyer has you covered to hit the ground running!

  1. Get Happy… at Work! Finally, make October “Happiness at Work” month by joining fellow UC Berkeley staff and faculty for a free, four-week online class on The Foundations of Happiness at Work, developed by The Greater Good Science Center. Learn how to boost authentic well-being for yourself and your team and discover the four key pillars of happiness at work: Purpose, Engagement, Resilience, and Kindness.

While finding time for professional development can be hard with our daily work commitments, please know 1) you are well worth the investment, 2) the benefits far outweigh the cost of your time, and 3) we are here to support you in your professional journey here at Berkeley (email with any questions/feedback).

Wishing you growth opportunities this Fall and the remainder of this academic year!

Jo Mackness, Interim AVC-HR