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There a multiple student roles within the Student Advisory Council: general member, VP of Communications, VP of Correspondence, President, and VCUE Student Liason.

The descriptions of these student positions are as follows:

General Member:

    • To attend SACUE meetings during the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters
    • To actively participate during the SACUE meeting through questions, commentary, ideas, etc and to engage in critical dialogues with our meeting guest and your follow SACUE members
    • To represent the views of any and all communities you identify with on campus in order to cultivate an environment of open conversation and awareness during our meetings
    • To provide adequate notice to the Student Liaison or the Committee President about any absences, tardy attendance, or early exit from the meetings 

VP of Communicaitons: 

    • Will run a SACUE blog and manage social media handles. The quantity of content created will be determined at the beginning of the fall semester.
      • A SACUE blog will be created to:
        • summarize key discussion points and action items from our meetings
        • question the student body for potential hot topics via surveys, polls, etc
        • follow up on previous guests and topic to communicate ideas proposed, difficulties faced, and any resolutions made
      • Social Media for SACUE may include:
        • Instagram: Posts made to a SACUE approved account will announce upcoming meetings and post a group picture from the end of every guest meeting (SACUE with the guest speaker)
        • Facebook Information Page: Contains links to the VCUE site and the SACUE page, allows for informal polling on student issues, and generates interest for any potential fireside chats or events open to all students

VP of Correspondence:

    •  Will be responsible for the secretarial duties of the committee. These duties include:
      • Transcribing meetings into minutes to then be posted on the SACUE site, shared with the committee members, and shared with the guest speaker as well
      • Recording questions and relevant student contact information (emails) to share with the guest speaker for follow-ups on action items after meetings
      • Recording member evaluations of each meeting, and personally responding to each evaluation.


    • Facilitate SACUE meetings, including introduction of guests
    • Follow-up on past meetings (What has transpired with past projects? Guests? Ideas?)
    • Meet with the Student Liaison before meeting in order to debrief on the meeting’s topics and to assist with setting up the dinner for the night
    • Communicate and enforce deadlines with deliverables required from committee (Instagram posts, blog posts)
    • If a member of SACUE with an executive role (VP, etc) is absent during a SACUE, the President will select a General Member present to fulfill that role for that meeting
    • Responsible for identifying sources of future committee members (outreach)

Advisors nominate a student here. Students nominate a fellow student or yourself here. Our staff will notify you on the status of your application within 7 buisness days.