Are you planning to take intro biology courses this year? You can now complete the equivalent of BIOLOGY 1A and BIOLOGY 1B at Mills College! Mills offers UC Berkeley students the opportunity to: 

  • Take introductory biology in small sections at Mills

  • Earn credit for the BIOLOGY 1A and BIOLOGY 1B sequence

  • Have the option to live in Mills housing

This special Biology program begins Fall 2017. For more information and to reserve your seat, contact


You will take BIO 001 and BIO 002 at Mills College. These undergraduate courses are part of the Mills general biology sequence and are taught by tenured and tenure-track faculty at Mills. Each course consists of a lecture and a lab section. Each section will have up to 30 students.


Mills offers BIO 001 during fall semester and BIO 002 during spring semester. For the 2017-18 academic year, the courses are offered during the following times:

Fall 2017: Bio 001 (General Biology 1 with lab)
Lecture MWF 10:00-10:50
Lab sections W 2:30-5:30, R 9:00-12:00, R 2:30-5:30, and F 2:30-5:30

Spring 2018: Bio 002 (General Biology 2 with lab)
Lecture MWF 10:00-10:50
Lab sections W 2:30-5:30, R 2:30-5:30, F 2:30-5:30

Check the final exam schedule for Mills to confirm that exams for BIO 001 and BIO 002 do not conflict with your final exams at Berkeley.

Getting to Class

Mills College runs a daily shuttle service between Mills College, BART, and UC Berkeley. You may also apply for housing on the Mills campus.


BIO 001 and BIO 002 at Mills College have been approved as equivalent to BIOLOGY 1A and BIOLOGY 1B at UC Berkeley. Because the Mills courses cover content in a different order than Berkeley, you must complete both BIO 001 and BIO 002 to have them count towards BIOLOGY 1A and BIOLOGY 1B at Berkeley. After you complete BIO 001 and BIO 002, the courses will appear as transfer credit on your Berkeley transcript.

Consult with your academic advisor at Berkeley on how BIO 001 and BIO 002 will count towards your degree.

Full-Time Enrollment

While taking courses at Mills, you are expected to be enrolled in the minimum number of units required by your college or school at UC Berkeley. This minimum number can include the units of your Mills course. You can find minimum unit requirements for your college on the Berkeley Registrar website.


There is no additional cost to enroll in BIO 001 and BIO 002 at Mills College. However, you will be responsible for the cost of books and other materials required for the course.

Financial Aid

If you are a financial aid recipient, you must maintain your UC Berkeley financial aid eligibility when taking a course at Mills College. For financial aid purposes, your Mills course counts towards the minimum number of units required for financial aid. For more information about maintaining your eligibility for financial aid, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office website.


To enroll in BIO 001 and BIO 002, you must submit a cross-registration application for Mills College. Email to receive an application and instructions. UC Berkeley facilitates enrollment by collecting applications and forwarding to Mills College. After you submit your application, a seat in BIO 001 will be reserved for you, and you will be enrolled in the course after your application for cross-registration is approved. Please note that Mills makes the final determination regarding admissions and cross-registration.

Once cross-registered at Mills, the UC Berkeley Registrar will assign a placeholder course on your Berkeley record. This placeholder represents the BIO 001 course you are taking at Mills and has a unit value equivalent to the Mills course. After you successfully complete BIO 001 and transfer credit posts to your transcript, the placeholder course will be removed by the Berkeley Registrar. A similar placeholder course will be assigned for BIO 002 during spring semester.

Note: In addition to your course at Mills, you will need to enroll in courses at Berkeley to maintain the minimum number of units required by your college or school. The placeholder course counts towards this unit minimum.


Pursuant to its admission policies, Mills College makes this biology pilot program available to UC Berkeley undergraduate students who are self-identified women as well as students assigned female at birth who do not fit into the gender binary. Students should also have completed the prerequisites for BIOLOGY 1A prior to the program start.

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