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Original Basic Descriptive Data
Updated Basic Descriptive Data
[See Preparatory Review Report, Appendix 1, Section 8]


Preparatory Review

Reflective Essays
Conclusion/Executive Summary

Appendix 1 Required Data Elements
Appendix 2 Stipulated Policies
Appendix 3 Response to Previous WASC Accreditation
Appendix 4 Selected Exhibits/Data Displays
Appendix 5 WASC Standards Cross-Referenced to Report
Appendix 6 List of Acronyms




Educational Effectiveness Review

Analytical Essays
Appendix 1: List of Evidentiary Exhibits
Appendix 2: List of References
Appendix 3: Educational Effectiveness Working Groups


Presentation Overview

The new 2001 WASC Handbook of Accreditation outlines a three-phase review process. Berkeley is one of the first campuses to undergo review under the new guidelines, and we have undertaken the process on an accelerated timeline that allows just two-and-a-half years from start to finish.

The campus submitted an Institutional Proposal in Fall 2001 which outlines our plan for the subsequent two phases of the accreditation. The submission of the proposal is followed by the Preparatory Review, a self-assessment of our base-line preparation or “Institutional Capacity” to meet the “Core Commitments” required by WASC and to undergo the next phase in the review process. In the final phase, the Educational Effectiveness Review, the self-study report focuses on assessing how well we are meeting specific educational objectives in three self-study topic areas related to Undergraduate Education, as identified in our Institutional Proposal. These are:

• Enhancing Academic Engagement at a Large Public Research University
• Rethinking the Delivery of Education
• Improving Undergraduate Program Review

The Preparatory Review self-study culminates with a site visit in October 2002, by an external team of peer reviewers. The accreditation process will conclude with the submission of the Educational Effectiveness self-study and a final site visit in Fall 2003.


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