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Reflective Essays
Conclusion/Executive Summary



Preparatory Review


Reflective Essays
1(a). Undergraduate Admissions
1(b). Campus Diversity

2(a). Support for Student Learning
2(b). Teaching Effectiveness

3(a). Delivery of Education
3(b). Educational Applications of Technology

4(a). Institutional Uses of Data
4(b). Program Review

Concluding Essay/Executive Summary

Appendix 1: Required Data Elements
Appendix 2: Stipulated Policies
Appendix 3: Response to Previous WASC Accreditation
Appendix 4: Selected Exhibits/Data Displays
Appendix 5: WASC Standards Cross-Referenced to Report
Appendix 6: List of Acronyms

Preparatory Review Site Visit Schedule and Detailed Schedule


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Prep Review Narrative
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Prep Review Appendices in pdf format]

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