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This Accreditation Site refers to the 2003 Accreditation review. The current (2013/2014) accreditation site can be found at vpapf.chance.berkeley.edu/wasc.

Accreditation Process [Overview]

WASC website
WASC Requirements

Download WASC Requirements in pdf



Steering Committee
Distinguished Advisory Group
Institutional Capacity Working Group
Academic Engagement Working Group
Delivery of Education Working Group
Program Review Working Group

WASC Visiting Teams


What's New

Latest News
The campus has submitted its November 2006 Progress Report, which responds to the recommendations outlined in the March 2004 WASC Commission Action Letter.

Campus Presentation [Overview]
Timeline 2001-2003  

Institutional Proposal

Narrative [pdf]
Original Basic Descriptive Data
Updated Basic Descriptive Data
[See Preparatory Review Report, Appendix 1, Section 8]


Preparatory Review

Reflective Essays
Conclusion/Executive Summary

Appendix 1 Required Data Elements
Appendix 2 Stipulated Policies
Appendix 3 Response to Previous WASC Accreditation
Appendix 4 Selected Exhibits/Data Displays
Appendix 5 WASC Standards Cross-Referenced to Report
Appendix 6 List of Acronyms

Preparatory Review Site Visit Schedule
and Detailed Schedule


Educational Effectiveness Review

Analytical Essays

Appendix 1: List of Evidentiary Exhibits
Appendix 2: List of References
Appendix 3: Educational Effectiveness Working Groups

Educational Effectiveness Site Visit Schedule and Detailed Schedule


WASC Response to Institutional Proposal [pdf]
Preparatory Review Visiting Team Report [pdf]
WASC Commission Preparatory Review Action [pdf]
Educational Effectiveness Visiting Team Report [pdf]
Campus Response to Visiting Team Report [pdf]
WASC Commission Action [pdf]


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